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 Trafic d'armes

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Date d'inscription : 08/12/2009

MessageSujet: Re: Trafic d'armes   Sam 5 Nov 2011 - 16:47

Certains noms qui reviennent :


(...) Eli Wazan had been a procurement officer for the Christian militias in Lebanon during the civil war of the 1980s. He was also closely associated with the Israeli intelligence community. In 1983-84 Wazan terminated his formal links with the militias and began to deal in weapons for commercial gain in East Beirut. (...)

Wazan had an acquaintanceship with a naturalized German of Lebanese-Armenian extraction, Joseph der Hovsepian. (...)

Une affaire qui date du début des années 1990 :


Commission of Inquiry Into Alleged Arms Transactions Between Armscor and One Eli Wazan and Other Related Matters

On Sunday 18 September 1994, the Afrikaans Sunday newspaper, Rapport, reported that `a massive arsenal' of South African weapons - tens of thousands of AK 47 rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition - had been shipped from Port Elizabeth to the `terror-contaminated' Middle East. The weapons emanated from the South African National Defence Force (SANDF). The supplier was the Armaments Corporation of South Africa (Armscor), operating as the sales arm of the SANDF. (...)

4.1 Synopsis of main characters

4.1.1 Mr M T S Vermaak

4.1.2 Mr Elias Wazan

4.1.3 Mr Michael Steenberg

4.1.4 Prince Anwar F Al-Shaalan

4.1.5 Mr Joseph der Hovsepian

4.1.6 Mr P C Smith

4.1.7 Mr Deon Bronkhorst

4.1.5 Mr Joseph der Hovsepian

Mr Joseph der Hovsepian is a Lebanese-born international trader of Armenian Orthodox extraction. In recent years, under circumstances he declined to disclose, he obtained citizenship and took up residence in the Federal Republic of Germany. He is a business associate and close family friend of Prince Anwar. It was clear during his evidence that Hovsepian had a sophisticated appreciation of the international arms business. When Mr Vermaak sought a secrecy order from the Commission for his testimony, he claimed to fear Hovsepian. During his testimony in Berne, Steenberg, who otherwise presented a picture of worldly confidence, confirmed that he feared Hovsepian, and had taken precautions to protect himself.

Des photos sont sur :


5.5.4 The Belgian debacle

In June 1994 the SANDF was told by its naval attache in Paris that a cache of South African-manufactured grenades and ammunition had been confiscated by Belgian authorities in the course of a judicial inquiry. The Belgian authorities had raised certain questions about the cache and these were forwarded by the SANDF to Armscor [Section 4.8.4].

Smith responded to the questions on behalf of Armscor in a letter dated 28 June 1994. He confirmed that the grenades concerned - that is, those seized in Belgium - were of South Africa origin and stated that they had been shipped to the Christian Militia in February 1992. He added that Armscor was also aware that the Militia had at some stage given assistance to Croatia. It was not known, Smith's letter proceeded, whether the grenades then in Belgium were also destined for Croatia ('hierdie oord'). He could not comment on whether the grenades had been stolen.

The Commission's finding that Smith was guilty of misconduct and a dereliction of duty is based on the following acts of omission. Smith did not inform the Minister of Defence that South African-manufactured grenades had been confiscated in Belgium. It seems obvious to the Commission that an incident of this nature, involving a foreign government, should have been brought to the Minister's attention immediately. Whether or not it was the duty of the SANDF to inform the Minister, Smith himself, as Armscor's General Manager for Import and Export Control, should undoubtedly have done so. Smith did not seek to sever Armscor's relations with Wazan or, at the very least, initiate a comprehensive investigation into what had occurred. Smith testified that he had merely asked Vermaak to issue a "stern warning" to Wazan. A thorough investigation was warranted on at least three grounds: Smith was aware of Croatia's country classification; the final destination of the arms was contrary to the export permit issued by Armscor; and Vermaak was in the process of concluding another transaction with Wazan. did not inform van Dyk, the Manager of Armaments Control about the incident. During his initial testimony in November 1994, Smith did not inform the Commission about the Belgian debacle or the link between the Christian Militia and Croatia. Nor did he include this information in his report to the Minister of Defence following the Wazan debacle.

Armscor's lawyers expressed great concern about the possibility of an adverse finding against Smith on the strength of the above. They argued that Smith deals with numerous documents on a daily basis. He could not be criticised for failing to recall a document "which appeared of prime importance to the Commission but which may not have enjoyed a similar level of priority under ordinary working conditions or may well have become lost in the vagaries of a witness' inadequate recollection". Armscor's legal team argued further that the Commission's inquiry focused primarily on the 1993 and 1994 shipments to Lebanon. Accordingly, and given the pressure of having to scrutinise numerous documents in a short space of time, the legal team had concentrated on the 1993-4 period when preparing Smith for his initial testimony.

The Commission is in no way critical of Armscor's legal team which endeavoured, with considerable success, to prepare their witnesses and assist the Commission under severe time constraints.

However, the Commission does not accept the exoneration sought for Smith. It is in no doubt that Smith should have recognised the significance of the Belgian incident at the time and when testifying before the Commission four months later. This information was directly relevant to understanding what had gone wrong in the Wazan debacle. Together with the Jordan incident discussed above [Section 5.5.2], it indicated that the debacle was not an isolated event but part of broader pattern

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Nombre de messages : 14517
Date d'inscription : 08/12/2009

MessageSujet: Re: Trafic d'armes   Sam 5 Nov 2011 - 20:14

Le procès de Viktor Bout pourrait conduire à des recherches sur Ronald Rossignol (voir le fil dédié) qui a lui aussi utilisé l'aéroport d'Ostende.

On en parle aussi dans


Pour en revenir au livre de Andrew Feinstein qui sortira dans quelques jours, il y est aussi question John Bredenkamp.

Bredenkamp heeft Nederlandse roots en woonde in het toenmalige Rhodesie. In 1976 startte hij een internationale tabaksfirma met vestigingsplaats in Antwerpen, vanwaaruit hij Rhodesische tabak verhandelde over de hele wereld, ondanks het handelsembargo.

Later verlegde hij zijn activiteiten naar wapenhandel ten voordele van de blanke Rhodesische heersers. Na de zwarte machtsovername in 1980 verhuisde hij met al zijn activiteiten naar België. Vier jaar later sloot hij vriendschap met Robert Mugabe, de eerste president van het onafhankelijke Zimbabwe. Sindsdien houdt hij zich bezig met het illegaal verhandelen van wapens voor Mugabe, en runt hij samen met de president een mijnontginningsbedrijf in Congo, waar hij een perfecte afzetmarkt heeft voor zijn wapens.

On en revient donc au Congo et à la Commission d'enquête parlementaire «Grands Lacs», vu les liens entre Mugabe et Kabila ... (deux ex-maoïstes)

Voir aussi


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Age : 60
Localisation : LILLE
Date d'inscription : 26/05/2011

MessageSujet: Re: Trafic d'armes   Jeu 26 Juil 2012 - 0:29

dim a écrit:
27. Le sieur Moyen reconnaît-il la dénonciation de trafic d'armes dirigée contre Willy Delpierre, Eric Delfosse (qui a travaillé au Trois Canards), Roland Lapierre, Antonio Lagreca, Thierry Paret, Pieter Taylor et Jacques Denuit ? (s: questions Magnée et Graindorge)

quelqu'un plus d'infos?

Intéressant la personne ayant travaillé aux 3 Canards...
Avez-vous reçu une réponse à ce sujet ?
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Date d'inscription : 28/10/2008

MessageSujet: Re: Trafic d'armes   Jeu 26 Juil 2012 - 15:21

et surtout, le willy delpierre est-ce le même que le sudiste cité par depretre ou un homonyme?
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Nombre de messages : 3169
Age : 60
Localisation : LILLE
Date d'inscription : 26/05/2011

MessageSujet: Re: Trafic d'armes   Jeu 26 Juil 2012 - 16:43

Les milices chrétiennes

Les milices chrétiennes, armées par la RFA de l'époque et la Belgique, recrutent leurs membres dans la population chrétienne assez pauvre et assez nombreuse du nord du Liban. Généralement assez marqués à droite dans leur approche politique, ces milices chrétiennes se forment même parfois à l'image de ce qu'était le fascisme initialement dans l'Europe de l'entre-deux-guerres. Toutes les grandes milices chrétiennes sont sous l'influence des Maronites, les autres courants chrétiens jouant un rôle secondaire.
La plus puissante d'entre elles est celle de Katael, dite également la Phalange, sous le commandement de Bachir Gemayel. La Phalange est créée pour aider les Forces Libanaises en 1977, qui sont placées sous l'autorité de Samir Geagea en 1986. Une petite faction plus extrémiste s'intitule les Gardiens du Cèdre. Cette faction établit rapidement des points-forts dans les quartiers est de Beyrouth, dominés par les chrétiens, ainsi que lieu de concentration de nombreux bâtiments gouvernementaux.

Au nord, les brigades de Marada servent de milice privée aux familles Franjieh et Zgharta.
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MessageSujet: Re: Trafic d'armes   

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Trafic d'armes
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